Salsa Level ZERO – Learn from scratch

Salsa from Zero ! The base of the salsa step.

This is the very first video you can watch if you want to start from zero to understand the basics of the salsa beats and start dancing salsa ! If you manage you get your steps into the tempo after this video, and go with the music, this means you already know how to dance salsa ! Repeat this video as many times needed to get the beats right before going further ! There is no way to continue if you cannot master this !! I have prepared some Spotify Salsa Songs for you on the Music section. Try the steps explained here with different songs !
Music step on place, and counts: 2:12
Music step on place, no counts: 3:00
Walk with music: 4:37

3 Tips for Improvisation and Dance Flow

Have you felt that you take a lot of classes, but still you are not able to dance and freestyle? Do you feel that your dancing looks like a bunch of steps, but not really like dancing? Then this video is for you ! Here I give 3 tips that will help you to go from just steps, to dance. How you learn and practice makes a huge difference on your final dancing result !

THE Salsa Body Movement: Opposition !

This is a very very very important video ! Steps are not salsa if we do not add the Body Movement ! Latin dances and salsa are usually different to other kinds of dance due to its essential body movement. Here we go from the fundamental steps of salsa from the floor up towards our upper body, and break details for you to start paying attention to what your body is doing, how it responds to the feet motion and to ultimately transform your step to the salsa flavor.
Recommendation: watch this video at different moments of your dance evolution. When you are beginner, when you are intermediate and even more advanced. I assure you, you will find tips useful at different moments of your progress. ๐Ÿ™‚

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