Online Salsa Lessons



Under this strange times of social distancing, Salsa dancers and schools have been suffering of limiting or not doing at all what we LOVE the most: Dancing !

Our classroom courses have been stopped and we do not know until when. For that, in salsaundostres we still can offer you a way to develop your dance with the possibility of online lessons !

How does it work ?

We have prepared two main levels:

  • Salsa Basics (start from zero)
  • Salsa Intermediate

Both levels are individual dance. Based on freesteps and most focus on music connection, techniques, control, coordination and energy focus.

You can choose different packages, where pre recorded classes and Online LIVE training sessions are included.

Pre Recorded Classes

These are classes provided in video format, that you can follow from home at your own tempo. You can rewind and revisit during a limited time (one week or one month depending on the package)

Online LIVE training

These are sessions where we go online privately, and we go over certain class you have taken, and I can give you feedback. It is best to have a pre recorded class as basis for the training to make the most out of these sessions. The duration of the session is 30 min.

The schedule of the LIVE sessions are agreed on a time that suits both (teacher and student).

What are the prices ?


  • 1 pre recorded class (1 week access)
  • 1 LIVE Online training


  • 4 pre recorded classes (1 month access)
  • 2 LIVE Online training


  • 8 pre recorded classes (2 months access)
  • 4 LIVE Online training


  • 4 prerecorded clases (1 month)

Why online classes ?

There are plenty benefits av taking online classes.

Even when the essence of salsa is social dancing, the best feelings and fun are achieved when our connection with the music and our body is real.

Dancing to the music and training by ourselves will trigger a lot of creativity, body awareness, music connection and increase our energy level when dancing. In addition, we improve our coordination, technique and balance. This means that when dancing as a couple, it will become easier and we can really focus on having fun.

Our salsa style will also improve and we will look better when dancing ;).

Having the recorded lessons makes you follow the class at your own tempo, focusing on what you need the most, and having the possibility to rewind and repeat as you want.

The LIVE training sessions will give you the possibility to get feedback on your dance, so steps become easier and look nicer. Also, you will get a lot of useful tips only based on you !

Let’s go and get your dancing going again!

How do I pay for my courses online?

The first thing you do is to register for the online course you want. Salsa Un Dos Tres will get your application and they will give you access to the courses after you make the payment. Payment can be made by a Bankgiro (if residing in Sweden) or by credit card or Pay Pal. The payment options and the specific link will be sent to your e-mail after your application.