What should I wear during the class?

Comfortable clothes and shoes. During winter please bring inner and dry shoes. 

Some people have also dance shoes.
Do I need a partner to join for a course?

No, it is not necessary. Everyone dances with everyone in the course. What is important is to have equal number of guys than girls and therefore it is recommended to register in couples.

How do I pay?

You do not pay until you have been officially accepted to the course. After your application a mail is sent as a confirmation, including payment information. Payment is done via bankgiro. Give the right reference number (fakturanummer) and name so the payment is associated with the right application.

What is the age limit for the courses and try outs?

There is no age limit when learning to dance salsa ;), however the courses are intended for adults (+18). Most important than age is the energy one has and that one wants to learn.

Courses to children could be arranged in special cases. Send an e-mail in that case.

How do I practice the salsa steps?

The best way is to come to the Social dances that are arranged during the courses. Socials mean to dance around, together with friends and course mates.

Listen to salsa music “everywhere” at “anytime” and practice the basic steps to the music 🙂

What happens if I miss a class?

Since in each class we go over steps that are used in following classes it is extremely important to be able to come to all the lessons. This is especially important in the beginners and continuation courses. In case you miss a class try to catch up at the social dances or by talking with your class mates. It is really appreciated to inform the teacher in case of missing a class.

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