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The recommended structure for the courses is the following.

Latin Rhythms Basic (4 to 6 hours)

Learn the difference between the basic steps of the most typical latin music: Merengue, Bachata and Salsa. The focus of this course is to train the basic steps (without a partner) and some very basic spins (with a partner). It is recommended to have three lessons of 2 hours each. No previous dancing experience is necessary for this course.

Salsa courses in Rueda de Casino Grund: Beginners and Continuation (10 to 12 hours each)

Salsa Casino is a couple dance but with the beauty of changing partners in the “rueda“ (circle or wheel in Spanish). It is originated in Cuba and is now well known internationally as a very fun social dance! The spins (figuras in spanish) have spanish names (usually funny names) that are used when dancing in a group. You can also dance with only a partner! Salsa Casino can be danced with any Salsa music since the basic steps are common for most salsa styles, but the most suitable is Timba.

In this first beginners course (10 to 12 hours) you will learn the first spins to be able to dance a complete basic rueda with simple group and couple dance spins. In the continuation course the spins become a bit longer and the students also get more self-confidence by dancing. The idea is that after the course you can dance in rueda, socially and start enjoying the salsa music.

Salsa courses in Rueda de Casino Intermediate: Improvers I and Improvers II (10 to 12 hours each)

In this course, the figures get more challenging and it is required dominating the salsa music tempo.

Salsa Lady Style (2 hours each class)

These classes are specially focused on Ladies! We aim to improve the style, attitude and confidence when dancing. We will train free steps, arm movements, hips, spins, balance and increase our awareness of each body movement. During the classes different sequences are explained paying attention to details. Even when not focused on guys, guys could also benefit from this class.

Salsa Workshops (4 hours)

The workshops are intensive courses of 4 hours in one day (including breaks). The workshops can be focused on Salsa Rueda de Casino or Social Salsa.

Salsa Course as Company Group Activity

Do you want to have a fun and original company activity? Contact us so we can arrange a special course for this.


The prices for each course depend on the number of people in a group and the number of lessons.

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