Why is dancing healthy?

Dancing is excellent to keep a good shape and to be healthy.

It is an aerobic exercise that requires spending quite much energy, improves our coordination, balance, cardiovascular fitness and muscle toning. On the other hand, social dances such as Salsa, will also improve our ability to relate to people and, in some cases, it can increase our self-confidence.

Dancing regularly will also help to lose extra weight or to keep our ideal weight. This of course should go together with healthy eating habits.

The amount of calories you can burn will depend on your weight, the duration of your dancing and the intensity. A person with a weight of 70kg, dancing salsa continuously for 60 min, will burn around 405 calories (Nieman, David, C. Exercise Testing and Prescription, McGraw Hill, 2003).

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Calculate how many calories you will burn here.

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  1. Alejandra says:

    Självklart! När jag dansar så bränner jag kallorier och har det roligt! Mycket bättre än gymmet🙆💃

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