Salsa Lessons – ONLINE

The ONLINE world offers endless possibilities, also for SALSA !

Take the lessons that you want, whenever you want to and wherever you are. At your own pace !

We now have different ways you can Enjoy and Improve your dancing: classes, training, useful tips, insights and more ! You will learn much faster since you can focus on what you need the most ! And repeat, repeat and repeat !

Are the ONLINE lessons for me ?

Do you feel you love dancing but you do not know where to start? Do you love dancing socially and want to get to the next level? Do you want to dance more, but don’t have time or a partner? Do you already dance salsa, but are just doing spins mechanically? Do you want to really enjoy dancing and have a higher understanding and connection with the music, get softer movements, have more power and control on your dance to energize it? Do you want to have an activity that improves your body coordination, self-confidence, burn some calories, and get a sharper memory?

Any of the above? You will then really benefit from subscribing to the online lessons !

Now I put together what so far has helped the most to go from a simple basic, to really having FUN dancing salsa !

So, get up of the sofa, and shake it up ! Let’s go !


How does it work ?

We now have a Virtual Classroom available at the website, with access depending on your membership level!
Start to dance from zero, intermediate and more advanced levels ! They are not just recorded conventional lessons. Here I have put a lot of effort into breaking into small pieces various key components of the dance so you can really take it at your own tempo and understand and practice the essence.

We have a series of videos, including Salsa Combos with explained details, fun sequences, and also shorter videos with insights, tips, training sessions and more.

Most of the focus at this moment is on Individual Dancing for Salsa On1 (Salsa with Maria), but we also can include portions of mambo, son, rumba, pachanga and Afro as a complement ! The Site is dynamic and new material will be uploaded regularly !

Many times, students said to me that doing footwork was hard ! And of course, trying to do a whole sequence from scratch without solid grounds and continuity, on a single class, is not going to work for you or for anybody !  That is why I have now created a very different approach, breaking the whole learning into smaller pieces ! Having all the classes online and available all the time is an amazing tool for you to grow if you really want to, with no excuses! You can take and focus in different aspects of your dance at your own pace.

At this moment, most of the classes are recorded in English. Classes in Spanish could also be available in some cases !

What are the prices ?


  • Subscribe for FREE to get access to some selected content. Do you want to start dancing from Zero? You can directly now get access to the very first salsa lesson for free ! Just subscribe.
  • You can get access to all the material and lessons, depending on the membership level. You pay a monthly fee. Check the subscriptions levels here.
How do I pay ?

You can apply and pay for your membership level directly from the website with most common Debit/credit cards. Get access to all classes, training sessions, tips, LIVE and much more ! Payment plans are based on the type of membership.

Do you want to start dancing Salsa from Zero? You can directly now get access to the very first salsa lesson for free ! Want to learn more, subscribe now !

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